"Kind people are my kinda people." How much more truth can you fit on a t-shirt? During my most recent senior session, this sweet girl epitomized the slogan. I know this client from her work at my favorite clothing store and will always remember how thoughtful she was to remember me and each of my daughters, learning their names and their unique styles. It was a privilege to get to make her feel as special.

Is this and should this be rare? How often do we greet those we do business with or work with by offering a placating, "Hi, how are you?" Are we really asking for an invitation to emotionally invest in how they are feeling at the time? Most often, not. We just do our due diligence of manners and go back to our shopping or screen.

However, I've seen lately a beautiful spread of infectious kindness...of genuine caring...of friends reaching out to those they haven't checked in with in a while to "just see how you're doing." I have been taking note lately of great opportunities to talk about bible study with my mechanic, to have a raw dialogue about the struggles of mom life with a colleague, to complement the HEB curbside personal shopper, to build a stronger connection with my clients...my "kinda people."

My hope is that this trend, unlike any fashion, does not go away, that we all take the time to truly care about those around us...and those we are apart from....that we appreciate eye contact, sincere words and good service.