What does it mean to be new? Like newborn babies, the turn of the year gives us the chance to see life with fresh eyes...with wonder and excitement.

We are not guaranteed more days in this life, but what we are guaranteed is that this day next year will not be the exact same as the one we have now. How will it be different? What do we want to do better? In what can we have a fresh start? How can we impact those around us? How can we love more deeply?

Often through my lens, but through my own life as well, I see a shift, a coming into focus of what we are brought into this life for. To love. Our children, marriage, our families, friendships. That's it. I see it in the tiny hand of a baby wrapped around her father's finger, the uninhibited laugh of siblings, the timeless lines in the face of a proud mother smiling at her grown child as he graduates, the steady hands of a volunteer working for others, the gentle kiss of a husband on his wife's forehead. My hope for you, my friends, and myself is that we look at 2020 with a vision sharply focused on such things.

So I'm curious...what do you want to see in the next year? Not just a few pounds less. Not a few more dollars in the bank. What meaningful experience are you excited about coming into the new year?