Someday, I would like to learn to play an instrument. Someday, I would like to just take a week off to read in a hammock next to a cozy little B&B all by myself. Someday, I would like to be happily married. Someday, I...

We all have our "somedays", but my favorites are those that we share with our children. From the time that they are born, we dream for them all of the amazing opportunities that are ahead and anticipate which ones they will pursue. I had the chance to take my daughters to visit once again the college I attended last week and know that the "someday" they will be students there walking across campus without me will come all too soon.

Will she someday play the songs with her own beautiful fingers that her mother played while she was still being formed? Will she someday sing along to her favorite while driving on a great adventure? To dream of "someday" is exciting. I hope that each of those moments are captured and cherished with eyes wide open and content as they are here.