For a single mom of 3 preschoolers to save enough money to buy my first "real camera" was a surprise even to me. That pretty little white Canon box gave me hope that I would not miss out on preserving the years ahead with my daughters and the chance to have a second career that would ultimately provide for my daughters to have what I did not want them to miss out on. Despite popular belief, having a nice camera does not automatically make someone a professional photographer. Reviews of my early work are certainly proof of that. Raising kids on my own and working full time did not allow for my at-home education to happen as quickly as I would have liked, but plenty of late night editing of free sessions, slowly but surely upgrading my equipment and countless times of talking myself out of thinking "I'll never be good enough to make this into a business" eventually became Firefly Photography, LLC. My surprise is now found in how mature my daughters have become as they turn 14 today and the delight being asked, "will you take photos of us in the bluebonnets today?" What started with these 3 in ringlet curls, baby teeth smiles and a hope is now a growing list of wonderful families that I am so grateful to call my clients and friends. I will never take for granted those years in the field.