Somewhere between 1am and a marketing goal list, I found myself creating an Instagram account and YouTubing tutorials on the function of hashtags. Shhh...don’t tell anyone that I’ve had my photography business this long without one; ) I stared at the 3 letter word “BIO” dressed in a pretty little font like it was my next boss coming in to interview me for a job with a window office that let’s you wear comfy shoes on Fridays. How do I describe who I am in 150 characters? Do you want the version where I’ve raised 3 daughters (triplets) as a single mom for 12 years, go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and work 2 jobs, but hide it well that haven’t painted my toenails or dusted my house in a month? Do you want the version where I can’t get a messy bun to look right to save my life, only run when something is chasing me and eat entirely too many tortilla chips? How about the one that worries that she’s not doing “enough” in every aspect, but makes a weekly planner look like a grad school term paper? The one that has 3 dogs, a cute house and an affinity for floppy hats is a fun one. The reality is that all of that is me...every part. So as I stare at Ms. BIO, I attempt to narrow it down and the word “storyteller” comes to me. It sits right down and reminds me how much I love that the beauty and challenges of my life are all so real and that's why photography is so important to me - that it gives me a chance to show my clients and my family the version of themselves that they sometimes forget...the confident, happy, embracing life and their surroundings version. I get to illustrate the latest story of their lives. Those are my favorite characters.