Summer is often the time that we have the chance to slow down, to step away from some of the responsibilities and hustle of the school year. We trade our kids' sports schedules for sleepovers and sitting with a fishing pole. We trade our homework helping for homemade bbq and ice cream. Seniors, like my darling client here, trade their weighted backpacks and weighted minds for hiking packs and paddleboards. This summer may be a bit unique in that so much came to a halt early, and we find ourselves getting restless. What are we to do with our time and where can we go? What if we just slow down, even more? What if we lay in bed on the weekend just a little bit longer to soak in the early morning light? What if we sit on a back porch at night and listen to the cicadas? What if in between, we set the to-do list aside just long enough to breathe...really breathe? ...take in the beauty of what surrounds us, give thanks for living one more day, and be still enough to let creativity and contentment find us. We are pushed by a motor so often when what we really need is an oar and a reminder to just slow down.