What do you see when you look in the mirror? Many of us default to seeing our "flaws", our aging, the results of the stress-eating tortilla chips or Whataburger. Is this the way you see your friends? Of course not! We see their genuine laughter, their sincerest compassion, their creativity, their beauty. Why is it so hard to not do the same when we look at ourselves? Can we be our own friend?

Speaking of friends, one of my best friends is turning 40 soon and is turning 40 right. She is doing what she loves (crafting *making anything you can imagine in a pretty font and working in the music industry), shining as a strong wife and loving step-mother, and constantly doing kind works for others. She is silly, faith-filled, and beautiful inside and out. I wanted to be her mirror...to allow her to see what those who are blessed to know her see. So we spent an evening playing grown-up dress-up and making memories. My ultimate goal was to give her images that reflected her beauty and spirit. I am proud to call her my friend and proud to be able to do this for women who sometimes just need a better mirror.