With this ring...her twirling skirt little girl imagination becomes reality. With this ring...she has permission to plan her life with someone as a partner. With this ring...she can now indulge in daydreams filled with garden roses and buttercream icing. With this ring...she can know that she has been chosen, not tried out, not settled on, not required, but chosen.

With this ring...he is trusted to guard her heart. With this ring...he makes himself vulnerable to rejection, to disappointment, to being responsible for leading a family. With this ring...he invites her to share their goals in life.

No matter how much we deny it, every woman has a vivid picture in her mind of exactly what she hopes that ring to look like on her hand and exactly how confident she wants to be when she says, "yes". Wouldn't it be nice to have a picture of that moment itself? Friends and moms, help a guy out and suggest that he hire a photographer to capture this day for his love.