Some of us spent our senior year in the prime of our social lives with prom, sports and a season full of graduation celebrations. Some of us spent it with the feeling like the last day of school would never come, so ready to move on to the next phase of our lives. This years' seniors are having an experience like no other due to the current viral concerns and school closings. Will they walk the halls that tell so many stories the last week of May? Will they look out at their parents from a stage with a ceremonial pride in the work and personal growth that they have accomplished over these years? Will they have the chance to look back at prom and grad party photos years from now giggling at haircuts and memories? We may not have those answers yet, but my hope is that they do have the reassurance from those of us who have lived through times of great questioning that they have the choice to remain resilient and focus on all that is possible in their futures. I wish a beautiful peace for each and every one and that their days are brighter soon.